Jalan-Jalan Ke Banten Lama

3:14 PM |

Jam 08:30
Aku merasa panas di dalam mobil. Sepanjang jalan Taqi nyanyi-nyanyi terus. Panasnya bukan main.jadi aku foto-foto saja.

Jam 10:28
Akhirnya sampai di banten lama. Disana ada banyak peninggalan Banten, aku mulai mengambil foto dan disana banyak barang keren.

Jam 13:20
Saya ada di benteng Banten. Di sana ada penjara bawah tanah dan ruang pengawas. Dulu benteng itu banyak meriamnya lho...

Jam 14:00
Makan siang KFC dengan nasi dan ayam lalu kita naik bus. Saat sudah jam enam, kita ke rest area dulu lalu melanjutkan perjalanan. Kita berpura-pura bermain zombie-zombie-an. Ceritanya ada banyak zombie. Jam setengah tujuh kita sampai di sekolah, tante Delfi sudah datang dan Abi ikut tante Delfi. Kita cerita-cerita tentang petualangan tadi.

Catatan Tambahan:
Mangkuk kuno adalah salah satu peninggalan kuno yang digunakan untuk menaruh makanan.

Golok adalah senjata berupa pedang yang dulu digunakan untuk perang.

Peluru meriam Ki Amuk yang tebal ini sangat kuat. Rumor mengatakan peluru ini yang menghancurkan Benteng.

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Hikari the Green Belt Holder

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Hi, friends,
It's been more than a year since Hikari's last post about his Karate practice. In November 2009, Hikari just started to join The International Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Sacikeas Dojo. Right now, he is already a green belt holder.

It is not easy to get the green belt because Hikari always has excuses not to go to his Karate practice every Saturday morning. But Mamam and Papap are always persistent too to encourage Hikari to practice. Hikari then negotiated with Mamam and Papap. He said if he could jump 2 belts he would want to be given a prize. Can you guess what the prize is?

It's PSP 2!

Oh dear...
Well, this is a recap of what he has done in a year.

1) Exam preparation from white belt:

2) After the exam. Hikari got his first belt: yellow. Can you guess which one he is?

3) Finally, Hikari got his yellow belt. His first belt:

4) Hikari was demonstrating his skills to be able to continue from yellow to orange belt:

5) Hikari was now in orange belt level:

6) Now, Hikari holds a green belt after he successfully passed the exam in November 2010:

Hikari with his bestfriend, Abi.
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Cara Membuat Perempuan Kecil

11:30 AM |

Ramuan ciptaan Hikari

Taruh lah beberapa gula.
Lalu 3 sendok bumbu... dan semua yang baik.
Bubuk emosi.
Debu rumah.
Akar Mandrake... taruh di luar saat rasi bintang Hydra...
Paginya, jika matahari membakar ramuan tersebut taruh beberapa air embun...
Lalu 10 tetes racun Taipan... Jangan terlalu banyak bisa menyebabkan ledakan besar...
Rambut wanita...
Tanah liat...
Kulit Lele Wels...
Terakhir... 20 kaca pecah...
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Let's Go Fishing!

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Hikari has been nagging Mamam and Papap to go fishing ever since he got a fishing rod for his 8th Birthday's present 6 months ago. Unfortunately, Mamam and Papap hadn't got the time to take him to a nice fishing pool. To compensate for his enthusiasm for fishing, Hikari then has tried many times to fish in Eyang's fish pond using his big and long fishing rod! What happened was many of Eyang's fish died miserably because of Hikari.

Finally, on January 8, 2011, Papap took Hikari to Ancol. Actually Papap had an office gathering on that day. But Hikari insisted on bringing his fishing rod despite the rain and the wind.

Hikari was observing the surrounding:

Waiting for Papap to finish his job first:

Too windy:

Learning from the master:

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11:16 PM |

Early this month, Hikari started joining Karate class at his school. Now, every Saturday morning Papap takes Hikari to his Karate practice. How did Hikari end up joining the class? It's a funny story, actually.

The Karate class was a new activity in Hikari's extracurricular activities. Last year, they didn't have it. When the school distributed the list of extracurricular activities for this year, the Karate class was in the list. Papap asked Hikari which activity he wanted to join. Hikari chose to join Science club. However, Papap and Mamam thought Hikari could use some sports. We encouraged him to join either Karate or soccer. Mamam preferred Hikari to join Karate because it would teach him to defend himself while burning his excessive energy. Papap actuallywanted Hikari to join soccer but Hikari refused because he felt lazy to run around the field... Mamam also thought Hikari would become dark if he joined soccer hahaha... Finally, Papap and Mamam asked Hikari to join Karate class. At first, he rejected the idea. Hikari said he didn't want anyone to kick him. It took awhile for him to accept the idea of joining Karate. But, one day after returning from school, he told Papap and Mamam that he would join the class because his close friends would all join the Karate class!

It has been a month since Hikari joined the class. In the first session, Hikari was often called by the instructor because he was playing around in class. The photos here were taken from the second session. What did Hikari say about the practice?
"It is tooooooooooo serious!"
Oh my!
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Nana-sai ni narimashita...

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The 20 of July this year, Hikari became 7 years old. A month before his birthday, he already planned on what he wanted his birthday party to be. He even had imagined his birthday cake. It was a Pokemon theme. Weeks before his birthday, he also made a list of gifts he was supposed to be given... Isn't he something?

At first, Mama and Papap only planned to celebrate Hikari's birthday at school like his request. However, this year's 20 of July was a holiday. So, Hikari had to celebrate his birthday on the 21. Knowing this, Eyang Uti (Hikari's grandma) decided to make another party at her house.

This year's birthday was really something. First, Hikari found a birthday shop at a mall which sold a Pokemon-theme-birthday cake. Because it was very expensive, Mama asked Mama Raihan to make the same cake. Besides, Mama Raihan's cake is really yummy. We have ordered cakes to Mama Raihan before. Then, a few days before the birthday, Mama Raihan told Mama that it was difficult to find the Pokemon's accessories. Oooooh, we then hurried up to the store at the mall to order. But, you know what? The store was vanished! It was not opened at that mall anymore! So, again, Mama asked Mama Raihan for the rescue. Thank God, Mama Raihan agreed to make two cakes: the Pokemon cake and the cheesecake for Hikari's teachers. And for the party at Eyang's house, Eyang Uti ordered a Spongebob cake from a nearby store. Fiuuuuh...

The birthday party at Eyang's house was really merry. Most of our relatives came. Eyang Uyut Akung (Hikari's great grandfather) came too. Hikari had a wonderful day on that day because his friends from the nearby houses also came. We all had fun except when Hikari cleaned his hands on his white shirt! It was a big problem because his hands were full of cakes.

The next day, on July 21st, Mama, Papap, Eyang Uti went to Hikari's house with the other birthday cake (the Pokemon, remember?) and some lunch boxes for Hikari's birthday party at school. The birthday cake made by Mama Raihan served its purpose well. Hikari's classmates couldn't keep their hands off the cake!

All and all, Hikari was really really excited about both parties. Especially for the party at school, he couldn't stop smiling about it. He was showered with gifts from his friends, that's why! Pak Catur and Bu Ayu, Hikari's teachers, gave him some wise words. His friends also mentioned their wishes about Hikari. Do you want to know what their wishes are?

Hikari, may you become a good boy blessed by Allah. And, may you always
remember to tidy up your things after you are done with them.
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What does your hero wear?

12:01 AM |

Last April 2009, Hikari and his classmates had to wear a national custom from Aceh. It happened that the Kartini Day was celebrated by celebrating Heroes from all over Indonesia. Hikari chose to be Teuku Umar.

Other students from different classes wore different customs from different part of Indonesia. Theyall gathered in the Function Room to watch performances from students. It was so cute to see children wearing customs they wouldn't even want to wear on a usual day. It was far more interesting to witness that a child wanted to wear a custom because he was inspired by his hero. Just like Hikari and Teuku Umar. If children are willing to wear superheroes' custom, why can't we introduce them to our heroes through their custom?

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Going to Taman Mini (for the hundreth times)

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Hikari lovesssss to go to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (amusement park). Ever since the first time we took him there, he always finds an excuse to go there. His favorite places to visit are the museums. He especially loves Musium Komodo (Komodo Dragon Museum). He loves not only to see the reptiles, but also to touch them!

The pictures below are the second time he went to the Komodo Museum. He asked Eyang Kung (grandpa) and his cousins to go with him. They were watching the crocodiles:

And then they went to the See-and-Touch area. Here, they could touch the big python.

After they were satisfied with the reptiles, they went to the Insects Museum.

Across the Insects Museum, there is the Fish Museum. Of course, Hikari wouldn't want to miss it for the world.

Satisfied with the fish, they wanted to ride the cable car.

The next time, Hikari went to TMII, he took everyone from his grandpa, grandma, Mama, Papap, and his uncles. This time, he went to the Bird Sanctuary:

Done with the birds, he headed to the... where else... Komodo Dragon Museum. This time he spent more time playing with the python. In fact, Hikari and the snake guard has became good friends.

And then, on Sunday, April 19, Hikari persuaded Papap to go to TMII again! This time, he promised he only visited 2 places: the Birds Sanctuary and the Komodo Dragon Museum (again!).

He spent more time in the Komodo Dragon Museum. Hmmm... the Komodo Dragon is still small.

And then, Hikari headed to his python. Without hesitating, he grabbed the snake and put it around his neck. Oh my God...

Was that the end of his trip to TMII?
Nope. The next day, he managed to persuade his grandma to take him to TMII again. Sigh.
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