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I like drawing. I can draw anything: animals, trees, flowers, cars, people, but mostly I like to draw animals including dinosaurs. That's because I looooooove dinosaurs. I have a big box full of them, and I have a shelf full with books about dinosaurs.
When I want to draw, I ask Mama for some paper. Other times, however, I draw on my drawing board, Mama's books, Papa's paper, etc. But, Papa told me I can't and mustn't draw on the floor and on the wall. Sometimes, I forget, though :(

This dinosaur I drew, I drew during an International Gathering at one elementary school in the neighboring city. It's a Brachiosaur. Can you see it has a big body?

Now, let me tell you about my other drawings. Lately, I like drawing bugs. May be because sometimes I can see some ladybugs outside the window. I also have some 'fighting' bugs that are very popular in Japan. People call them Kabutomushi. These bugs also become my inspirations. But the animals on the left are not bugs. They are jellyfish, and they are swimming. Can you see they are swimming in the water? Can you see the waves?

So, what do you think about my drawings?
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