Hikari Misses Grandpa

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It's been a few days since Hikari mentioned to Mama that he wanted to return to Indonesia. It came out as a surprise for Mama. After a year in Japan, this is the first time Hikari ever mentioned his wish to return home.
So, what is his reason?
He wants to be with his grandparents, especially Eyang Kakung.

Hikari: Mama, aku mau ke Indonesia. (I want to go to Indonesia)
Mama: Indonesia?
Hikari: Iya, ke tempat Eyang Kakung tuh. (to Grandpa's place)
Mama: Oh, Hikari mau ke rumah Eyang Kakung? (Oh, you want to go to Grandpa's house?)
Hikari: Ung.. (this means Yes in Japanese)
Mama: Hikari mau ngapain ke rumah Eyang Kakung? (what do you want to do there?)
Hikari: Mau sama Eyang. (I want to be with Grandpa)
Mama: ............... *speechless*

Last night, before going to sleep, he mentioned again his wish to be with his Eyang, both Eyang Uti and Eyang Kakung. He even said that Mama should go with him to Eyang's house, while Papa can stay behind :(
This is a contrary of what he usually says before. He often mentions he likes being here in Japan, he enjoys school, he prefers to stay here than to return home. But, come to think of it, I think I shouldn't have been so surprised about this. I mean, Hikari grew up with his grandparents until he was 2.5 years old. Hikari and Eyang Kakung were best friends. They were 'naughty' together. Whenever I reprimanded him for his mischief, Hikari would run to Eyang Kakung and hid there in his hug. They shared the same jokes, the same mischief, the same styles. Eyang Kakung was Hikari's role model, and Hikari was Eyang Kakung's spoiled kid.
Eyang Kakung was actually a very strict, firm, and rather grim person. But, all are gone when Hikari was around. He gave up easily for Hikari. He gave in for Hikari.
You see, at home, Eyang Kakung had a favorite arm chair where nobody else but himself was allowed to sit on it. He always made everyone sit on other chair no matter what. And when he watched TV, he would watch his own favorite programs, no matter how much the others felt toward the program. But, he would have no power when Hikari stepped in. Hikari would made him sit on other chair! Hikari would made him watch Hikari's favorit programs on TV. And Eyang Kakung just couldn't complain...

And now, Hikari misses his Eyang....

Eyang Kakung (ind)= Grandpa
Eyang Uti (ind)= Grandma

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