Mother's Day

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On Mother's Day, the children at Wakaizumi Yochien made handicrafts to be given to their mom. Mama got a red flower, a picture of Mama, and a towel hanger. All are made by Hikari himself. Then, today, Moms (and Dads) visited the children at school.
Hikari left earlier by his school bus. After that Mama and Papa went to his school. Today, the school opened half day, but the students' routines were the same. The teachers wanted to show the parents what the children do everyday.
The students started the day by exercise (taisho) and then they went to their class. The class started after the teacher checked the attendance, sang together, and then greeted each other. After that, the teacher gave two activities for the children and their moms to do. Mama and Hikari made bats made of used styrofoam and used milk-carton. Hikari drew pictures on the bat. He even wrote DINO on the bat. Mama and Papa were surprised to see that Hikari could remember (and could write) the letters.
When we were finished with the class activities, the students could play outdoor and then listen to a story read by another teacher. In the meantime the mothers had a small 'get-together' with the class teacher and the headmaster. In this occassion, mothers could ask how their children progress at school. According to Akagumi sensei, Hikari can understand instructions in Japanese and he can converse in the language well. Sensei said that Mama and Papa should have nothing to worry about for Hikari can cope well with school. Wow, what a relief!

Eyang, Sensei said Hikari was doing just fine :)

Hikari draw kyoryu (dinosaurs) and wrote DINO on the styrofoam.
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Yatta! Yoku dekimashita!
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Momogumi Sensei was telling a story while the children were listening:
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Look how Hikari was listening...
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Hikari's work on the classroom wall:
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