Goodbye Wakaizumi Yochien...

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It feels like yesterday when Hikari started school in Wakaizumi Yochien. He went to school in Summer term 2005, and now in Summer term 2006 Hikari left the school.
When he joined the school, Hikari was the youngest and the only student in his class, Kiirogumi (the class of 3 y.o.). He also had one friend only, Ryoya-kun, a boy next door (left side photo). A few months later, his friend Keita-kun joined the class. Kiirogumi class now had two students.
Then, on Spring term 2006, Hikari and Keita-kun were promoted to the usual class, the Akagumi class. They had new friends. A lot more new friends.

Today, Hikari went to school the last time to say thank you and good bye to his teachers and his friends. Minna-san, iro iro osewa ni arigato gozaimashita! Kore kara mo gambatte ne!

Hikari, Keita-kun, and Takahashi-sensei (Kiirogumi Sensei) in his Kiirogumi class:

Hikari in his Akagumi class. The last day:

Hikari and his Akagumi friends together with Suzumi-sensei after Tanabata festival:

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