New School!

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Hi, friends!
It's been quite a long time since Hikari told you about how he's doing.
Actually, there are many stories about the times between we left Honjo and we arrived in Jakarta that Hikari hasn't posted here. May be next time Hikari will tell you about all those. Now, he wanted to tell you that he already has a new school!

Hikari returned to Indonesia (Jakarta) at the end of September. After that Mama and Papap started their hunt for Hikari's school. Mama and Papap took Hikari to some schools, but at that time Hikari didn't seem interested in going to school in Indonesia. He kept saying he wanted to go to Wakaizumi Youchien...

Finding school to Hikari was not easy. Well, there are some kindergartens around our housing complex, but Mama and Papap are not satisfied with them. First, their compound is so small; there is no playground at school! How could a kindergarten have no playground?! Second, the curriculum is not satisfying to Mama's standard. They have already taught Reading-Writing-and-Counting in the early stage, and that scares Mama very much. Third, the discipline is done half-heartedly which makes Mama feel ill. There are many other things that make Mama and Papap disagree with the school around our housing complex. So, Mama and Papap searched for other schools a bit far from our house.

Finally, Papap agreed with Al Jannah Islamic School in Cibubur. It is not too far from our house. The curriculum combines scince and 'Nature' education. It has a big compound with special place for the Mosque and Outbond activities. It has a big swimming pool. It also has animals in cages and fish in a big pond. The school also teaches students to farm.
Although Mama was still not sure about it, she eventually agreed to put Hikari in Al Jannah. Mama thought the teachers were nice and the curriculum was okay.

So, after being at home for a few months, in November, Hikari started his kindergarten (small class) in Al Jannah. In this school, Hikari has 5 different kinds of uniforms for 5 days in a week! Whew! It makes Mbak Tati, Hikari's nanny, had a hard time to memorize at first...

Here is Hikari and his gang, accompanied by their teachers:

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