Bogor e Itta!

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Going to Bogor!

January 14, last month, Hikari went to Bogor for the first time in his life :D
At first, Papap and Mama took Hikari to Bogor to visit Pakde Mbilung and his family. Pakde Mbilung is Papap and Mama's friend from Tokyo. Pakde Mbilung and his family live in Salabenda, Bogor. It's quite far from the central of the city, but it's fresher and greener.
In Pakde's house, Hikari played together with Mas Adri and Mas Ghilman. They are very kind. Mas Ghilman also collects Dino toys and books. Hikari kept saying he wanted to play with Mas Adri and Mas Ghilman (and the Dinos, of course) again. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures together :(

After we visited Pakde Mbilung and his family, we went to Fahri's house in Cilebut. To go to Fahri's house, we have to go pass a river with a step river bank. Hikari kept looking at the river down there and shouted, "wow! It's deep!"
Om Asept, Fahri's father, was really a great driver! He could manuever unbelievably very fast while driving his car. Papap who was tailing Om Asept couldn't keep up with his speed.

Finally, we got to Fahri's house. Tante Nia served us tasty food. Papap loved the food very much :) Then, Hikari and Fahri got to play together. Fahri is good with video game, while Hikari is confused with it.

When the day turned evening, we prepared to return home. It was still a long way to go. Before we went home, Hikari and Fahri posed together. Since Fahri had a wound on his knee, he kept bending the knee. Hikari -of course- followed him...

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New Friends, Old Friends

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On January 7, the three of us went to Lembang. Papap had a family gathering from his office there. We stayed in Grand Hotel Lembang. The hotel is big, but it is very old and very cold. In the hotel's compound, there are a playground -with slide and all- and a swimming pool. Actually, we had prepared our swimming suits, but when we got there the weather was too cold for us to swim. Even Hikari refused to swim in the pool although he had expected to play in the pool ever since we told him about the pool. Fortunately, there was a bathtub in our room and Hikari was satisfied enough to swim there.

Hikari also made friends with other children. This boy is Ryan. He and Hikari played together all day.
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They have become good friends in a second.
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On Sunday, on our way back to Jakarta, we visited our old friends in Bandung: Tante Dini, Raffa, and Raffi. Although we had never been to their house, Tante Dini's direction was very clear and in no time we arrived at their house. Bandung was really hot at that time, but when were in Tante Dini's house, it was sooo cool... Besides, we have missed them a lot ever since they returned to Indonesia.
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Hikari and Raffa were good friends when we were back in Honjo, Japan. They always played together. Hikari was excited to go to Raffa's house. Tante Dini also said the same. Funny enough, when they met again, they became very shy to each other hahaha... Unfortunately, adik Raffi was sleepy when we were there so we couldn't play with them.
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We'd like to meet Tante Dini, Raffa, and Raffi (and Om Is, of course) again later. Thank you Tante Dini for the delicious lunch and stomach-satisfying batagor. We'll come back for more batagor, for sure... hahaha...
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