Tom and Jerry

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Hikari suffered from Paratyphoid last week. He is recuperating now, although he is still staying at home and not going to school.

The problem is ever since he stayed at home, he has became so addicted to Tom & Jerry Cartoon Characters. He played and replayed, and replayed the movie all day long. And all night long. He even pretended that he was a cat by attaching his belt to his rear body, saying that it was a tail. Tom's tail. Mama has tried to take his picture wearing a tail, but never succesfull...

It was probably okay -his being addicted to Tom & Jerry- if the addiction stopped right there.
It was definitely not okay when:
1) he attached a tail to his rear,
2) he pretended to be a cat,
3) he set up his toys (dinos, cars, miniatures of roads, animals, etc) all over the place,
4) he pretended that there was a mouse hiding somewhere around his toys,
5) he ran over the place (and toys) and pretended that he was trying to catch that mouse.

School is absolutely a place to go next week!
Tom&Jerry picture is taken from here.

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