Can't Take My Eyes Off Him!

7:59 PM |

At the back of our house, we have a very small artificial pond. Full with fish. All sizes and types of fish. That pond has an admirer. Who else? Of course, Hikari.

If we let him, he would jump into the pond whenever he feels like it. And I mean, whenever. The time doesn't have to be on a clear sunny day, or in the morning, or before taking a bath, or in his fit condition. Sometimes, he would jump to the pond chasing fish even when it is a rainy day, right after taking a bath, AND he is having a terrible flu. Imagine that!

Now, in our house, we just can't take our eyes off him! If we don't watch him, he'll be gone to the pond, making excuses like "I'm just seeing the fish". Yeah, right. It never proves 100% true hehehe...

Look at him here. While he was having a terrible flu and a slight fever, he still played in the pond, after the rain :(

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