The First Beach

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Before Hikari's birthday, Papap planned to take some days off from work so he could take Hikari and Mama out of town. He said we needed a holiday. Mama couldn't agree more ;).

When Hikari was asked where he wanted to go, he mentioned that he wanted to go to the Safari park and to the Beach. At first we agreed to go to the park. But, when Eyang Kung (Hikari's grandpa) heard about Hikari's wish to go to the beach, he asked us why we didn't go to Carita Beach.

Carita village is Eyang Kung's hometown. It's been awhile since his last visit to his own hometown, while Mama hasn't visited the village for 5 years already! How about Hikari? He'd never been to Eyang Kung's hometown at all!

So, Papap agreed to take us to Carita Beach. Beside, let me tell you a secret, Hikari had never been to a beach before in his entire 5-year-time life. He has seen seas, in Japan (Kobe, Tokyo, and Yokohama), but he'd never played or bathed at the beach.

In Carita, our family houses are located just across the beach. Long time ago, when the beach was still free from resorts, we could see the beach and the waves from our terrace. Now, it is just history. Resorts block our view to the beach. How irritating!

So, on the 25th, we headed to Carita. There were only four of us -the three of us and Eyang Kung. Eyang Uti canceled her plan to join us because she was busy. Hikari was very much excited when he saw the sea from the car window. He couldn't wait to go play at the beach. We spent 3 days and 2 nights there. Whenever there was time, Hikari would spend it at the beach. You can imagine how tanned he is right now! #:-SIt makes Mama remember my childhood. Mama used to spend mornings and afternoons swimming. That's probably why Mama's complexion is darker:D .

The beach acrossed our family land is clean and wide. Only the waves are brown because of the sand. But, there is no coral there so we can play in the water comfortably. When Mama was a kid, the beach was wider and cleaner than now. The only things that occupied the beach were trees. Now, they are cottages...

He brought back some star fish and clams back home...

Hope we can manage to be back soon.
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Gosai ni Natta!

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What a unique date to remember.
The date when Hikari became five years old.

Hikari celebrated two previous birthdays in Honjo, Japan. This year's birthday, however, is celebrated in Indonesia.
Long before it was even July, Hikari had asked Mama to make a small celebration at school. He also had asked Papap about his birthday wishes (read: presents). So, when the day nearly came, Mama arranged the celebration with Hikari's teachers. It was a bit tricky because Hikari's birthday fell on the first Friday of his first week in his new class. And, it turned out that Hikari's classmates and teachers are different from the previous class.
Hikari also had ordered the theme of his birthday cake. He wanted the cake to feature Dinosaurs. Other times, he wanted it to picture Fish and the Undersea World. It was quite confusing, so Mama decided to order two cakes from Mama Reyhan: a Dino cake and Fish. This one is the Dino cake.

The cake was delivered the day before July 20. Mama had to hide the cake so that Hikari wouldn't mess it up. On Friday, when Mama opened the cake in class, Hikari was hysterical, instantly. His friends were also amused. Hikari was circled by his friends. They tried to touch the cake. Finally, the teachers had to calm them down. Then, the small-simple celebration could run smoothly. We prayed, said thanks to God. After that, some of Hikari's friends sang songs for him.

After we returned home, Hikari was overwhelmed by the presents he got. Hikari got presents from everyone in the house (being the only grandchild, that is). Then, it was time to blow the candles on his Fish cake.

It was a really great day for Hikari. It was great for Mama and Papap too.

Happy Birthday, Hikari. We love you. Always.

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School Performance - Saman Dance

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