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Early March, Hikari's school conducted a School Competition which was followed by the school's students and other students from different schools. There were many games/activities that the school provided, such as Puzzle competition, drawing competition, computer competition, swimming competition, and others.

A week before the competition, Hikari told Mama that he wanted to join the event. He said that he wanted to participate in the computer and puzzle competition. But, at the end, he decided that he only wanted to join the puzzle competition. Although suprised (because Hikari never asked to join such event), Mama gladly signed him up for the game.
The night before the D-day, Mama found Hikari busy with his puzzle collections. He has a lot, mind you. It never crossed Mama's mind that Hikari might be preparing for the competition on the next day. Well, he probably was.

That day, Hikari woke up early. He even reminded Mama not to be late for the school. What a surprise!

At school, Mama was even more surprised. Mama thought the competition was just an internal event with no outside participant. Actually, the competition was a big one. Some other kindergarten students from other schools also participated. Mama was sad because I couldn't accompany Hikari that day. Mama asked his teacher to accompany him. Out of ordinary, Hikari didn't seem to mind that Mama wouldn't be able to accompany him. So, Mama left for work.

That afternoon, Hikari's teacher called. She informed Mama that...Hikari won the first place!
Alhamdulillah! What news!
The most interesting story from the teacher is Hikari could finish the competition in FIVE minutes only! Even the teachers and committee were surprised.

Well, Hikari was very proud and excited when he knew that he would be given a trophy. He hardly could wait for the committee to call his name. When he was called out, he almost ran to get to the stage and took the trophy. When he got home, he showed the trophy to everyone. He didn't care about the money, the certificate, nor the souvenirs that he received.

We were very much surprised. Happy surprised, of course. We didn't expect it because we took the competition so lightly. In fact, when we knew that it was a rather big-scale competition, we didn't panick. Hikari also took things lightly. So, imagine what happened when he knew he won. This is his first experience. He had mentioned that he would want to win again! Haha!

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