Market Day

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Today is a Market Day in Sekolah Alam Cikeas. Market Day is a day where students sell their hand-made goods to guests. This is how the school conducts the Market Day:

First, days before the Market Day, students make some handicrafts, such as photo frame, and sometimes cakes. These handicrafts and food are then offered to the guests on the Market Day. Each class makes and sells different things. Hikari's class sold photo frames from used wooden Ice Cream spoon. They sold the frame for Rp. 5,000. The parents buy their children's handicraft.

Besides that, the school has this system that makes the students bring their used goods to school. For example, on Tuesdays, students who have used paper, newspapers, magazines, etc. at home bring those used papers to school. The school collects the garbage. On Wednesday, the students bring plastic bottles. This system goes on until Friday, with different garbage each day, ranging from used paper to used clothes or used bags. These used goods are then sold to the villagers around the school on the Market Day. The villagers can buy the goods with very very cheap prices, from Rp. 500 to Rp. 5,000.

On Market Day, there are also some competitions that Sacikeas students and public can join. Different from other school, Sacikeas holds competitions such as Papercraft competition, Scarecrow competition, etc. Hikari joined the papercraft competition. In this competition, the children have to work together with their parents. But, the parents have to allow the children to do most of the work, like working with scissors, glue, folding, cutting, etc. This competition is meant for the child and parents to work together and for the child to exercise their motoric skills. Very fun and beneficial, don't you think?

Here are the photos from today's event:

Hikari in front of his class (the second floor), trying to be funny.

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