Losing Ninoy

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Hikari has several pets. Two of them are birds; a white Kakatoa named Kaka and a colorful Lorry (Nuri?) called Ninoy. The birds were presents from Eyang Uti's friend. We have been having them at home for about 6 months, and Hikari was so possessive about them. He talked to them day to day, fed them, sometimes yelled at Kaka for being so noisy.

Then, on the 25 of December this year, the rain poured down all day and all night. In the morning of the 26, we were shocked to find out that Ninoy was sick. It laid on the bottom of its cage and didn't move for a while.

Ninoy a couple of months ago...

Hikari was hysteric. He begged Papap to take Ninoy to the doctor but that day Papap had to go to the mechanic. Before he left, thought, Papap took Ninoy out of the cage to a wet warm spot in our garden. Ninoy was very weak. Then, Mama gave Ninoy some honey mixed with Hikari's medicine for flu. For awhile, Ninoy was able to move a little, but nothing more. So, Hikari called his grandparents. He told them about Ninoy hysterically. He wanted both his grandparents to visit him soon. They couldn't make it but Eyang Uti sent her driver to take Ninoy to the doctor.

Around noon, Pak Endang, took Ninoy to the vet. Pak Endang returned some 3o minutes later. He didn't take out Ninoy from his car. Instead, he came to Mama and whispered. Ninoy was gone. Pak Endang didn't have the heart to tell Hikari what happened. Mama hugged Hikari quietly. Mama told Hikari that Ninoy was gone. Hikari didn't scream. He hid his head on Mama's shoulder and cried silently. Mama asked him to bury Ninoy in our garden but he refused. Hikari didn't want to see Ninoy's being buried. Then, Pak Endang agreed to bury Ninoy at his house.

When Papap returned home, he promised Hikari to go buy another bird the next day. So, on Saturday morning, Hikari woke very early, commanded Papap to take a bath, called Eyang Kung to get ready (and then dragged Eyang Kung from his mosque), and took off to Pasar Burung Pramuka. The three of them began the hunting of Ninoy's replacement.

Hikari went home with a black Jalak bird. Mama was surprised because Hikari didn't want to buy another Lorry. He was probably traumatic with the losing of Ninoy. However, Papap was glad Hikari didn't ask for another Lorry because the bird cost around 1.5 million rups!!!

Now, Hikari is happy with the new bird. First, he named the bird 26, and then Maxie, and finally... JACK SPARROW. Jack Sparrow's photo will be posted soon.

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