Science Competition

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Saturday, 7 February, Hikari joined a Science Competition held by an organizer. The competition was held in another school nearby. Some other elementary schools in Cibubur also participated in the event. Hikari's previous school (when he was kindergarten student) also joined it.

At first, it was Hikari's teacher who asked him to participate. Mama was at school to collect Hikari's report book. During the consultation time, Ibu Siti, Hikari's teacher asked Mama if Hikari would like to join the competition. The teacher said it was not a matter of winning or losing. It was more like an experience. Mama agreed and asked Hikari if he wanted to join.

Hikari was okay with the idea. He was afraid at first if he would lose but Mama and Papap encouraged him to do it. Besides, Hikari loves science. He feels like a scientist whenever he deals with science project. He even chooses Science club as his extracurricular activity.

So, early Saturday morning, under the heavy rain, Hikari eagerly gathered at 7 in the morning at school. He and several other students were so enthusiastic that even the heavy rain couldn't kill their enthusiasm. An hour later, we departed to the school where the event was held. Fortunately the rain had stopped.

Mama and Papap watched Hikari's enthusiastic face while he marched to the test room, far away from us, through a very long alley. He didn't seem to be nervous at all. Perhaps, the idea that he was with his friends, playing around, was enough for him.

Two hours later, when we picked him up, Hikari emerged cheerfully from the alley. Outside, he was greeted by Pak Rizal, the driver from Hikari's kindergarten. It was a nice reunion. Apparently, Hikari's previous school also joined the event.

On the way home, we asked Hikari how he felt. And he said, "I could do 20 numbers very well!"
Papap said, "Very good! How many numbers were all together?"
Hikari answered, "FIFTY!"
Anyway, it's the experience that counts!

Hikari and Abi, his classmate.

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