Tersesat di Negeri Sayuran

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On Tuesday, Mama and Papap got an invitation from Hikari to watch his class performance. This performance is something that he has been telling Mama for some time. At that time, he bravely invited Mama to watch. Then, on Tuesday, he held out the invitation for Thursday's event. Unfortunately, Papap couldn't leave the office so Mama had to go alone to watch Hikari. Hikari's grandparents and uncle actually planned to watch him too but they came late and the performance had ended.

The performance was tittled 'Tersesat di Negeri Sayuran' or Lost in the country of vegetables. The story was about a boy called Tobi who got lost in the country of vegetables. He then was chased by Monster Sariawan (Monster Canker Sore). The monster chased him through the forest and Tobi kept running from the monster. Finally, Tobi remembered that Monster Sariawan was afraid of the vegetables and fruits.

So, Tobi went to Bu Strawberi (Ms. Strawberry) and Bu Tomat (Ms. Tomato) for help. Unfortunately for Tobi, they didn't want to help because Tobi always disliked eating fruits and vegetables. Then Tobi went to Pak Bayam (Mr. Spinach) and Pak Wortel (Mr. Carrot) for help. Again, Pak Bayam and Pak Wortel refused to help. Tobi got angry. He kicked Pak Bayam and Pak Wortel hard until they both fell off the ground.
Pak Bayam and Pak Wortel called Pak Terong (Mr. Eggplant) and told him about Tobi's misbehavior. Pak Terong was angry at Tobi and Pak Terong chased Tobi to give him a lesson. The other vegetables also chased Tobi. The monster also chased Tobi.
Finally, Tobi's mother came to rescue. She gave Tobi a meal with vegetables and fruit juice. Tobi became healthy and the monster was defeated.

Interesting story, isn't it?
Hikari played Pak Terong (Mr. Eggplant). He wore Mama's shirt because he didn't have any purple clothes. Actually Mama had made him an Eggplant custom from a pink cloth, but Hikari refused to wear it because he said his friends would only wear T-shirt.

Before watching the performance, Mama had to buy a ticket cost Rp. 10,000.- Students and teachers had to pay Rp. 5,000.- The guest receptionists who were students from other classes showed Mama where to buy the ticket. After buying the ticket, the students gave Mama a glass of healthy drink with fruits cubes inside.

This performance is done by each class in Sacikeas. On Thursday, Hikari's class got the turn. The event was really fun, not only for the performers but also for the other students. While the performers get themselves ready, the other students take part in showing the guests directions, selling the ticket, and distributing the drink. The whole event teaches the students to be independent and creative. Also, it is really fun to watch!
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Hikari's Work at School

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Every Friday, Hikari brings his worksheets home so Mama and Papap can see what he has learned and how he learns it.

Some of the worksheets require him to describe what he has learned that day by drawing. This is Hikari's report on Outbound session:

The title is Outboundnya Gagal karena Hujan (the Outbound session is cancelled because of the rain)

And then, Hikari explained again: Hujannya masih turun jadi tidak bisa outbound (the rain still fell down so I couldn't do the outbound activity).

On this picture, Hikari drew things in his perceptions about that day, in details. We couldn't help but laughing when we saw a small sign next to his outbound net. The sign says:

Drawing is really a great way for children to describe what they feel about one particular thing. It can also be used to check on children's understanding about one event. At home, parents can use the same method to deal with their kids when the kids are in their 'difficult' time.
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To Anyer

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On 24 January, Hikari went to Anyer together with Papap and Mama. Papap's office had a family gathering there. Before the trip, Hikari was so excited about going to the beach.

When we arrived in Anyer, Hikari jumped off the car and ran to the direction of the beach. Nothing and nobody could forbid him to swim. Eventually Papap and Mama gave up and allowed him to swim in the mid of the burning sun.

After swimming, there were some games held by the committee. Everyone participated in the games, especially the children. You know what Hikari did? He didn't want to join the games. He played with bubbles instead. And when he got bored with bubbles, he went directly to the cottage and... asked for a nap.

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