Hikari's Work at School

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Every Friday, Hikari brings his worksheets home so Mama and Papap can see what he has learned and how he learns it.

Some of the worksheets require him to describe what he has learned that day by drawing. This is Hikari's report on Outbound session:

The title is Outboundnya Gagal karena Hujan (the Outbound session is cancelled because of the rain)

And then, Hikari explained again: Hujannya masih turun jadi tidak bisa outbound (the rain still fell down so I couldn't do the outbound activity).

On this picture, Hikari drew things in his perceptions about that day, in details. We couldn't help but laughing when we saw a small sign next to his outbound net. The sign says:

Drawing is really a great way for children to describe what they feel about one particular thing. It can also be used to check on children's understanding about one event. At home, parents can use the same method to deal with their kids when the kids are in their 'difficult' time.

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