Going to Taman Mini (for the hundreth times)

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Hikari lovesssss to go to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (amusement park). Ever since the first time we took him there, he always finds an excuse to go there. His favorite places to visit are the museums. He especially loves Musium Komodo (Komodo Dragon Museum). He loves not only to see the reptiles, but also to touch them!

The pictures below are the second time he went to the Komodo Museum. He asked Eyang Kung (grandpa) and his cousins to go with him. They were watching the crocodiles:

And then they went to the See-and-Touch area. Here, they could touch the big python.

After they were satisfied with the reptiles, they went to the Insects Museum.

Across the Insects Museum, there is the Fish Museum. Of course, Hikari wouldn't want to miss it for the world.

Satisfied with the fish, they wanted to ride the cable car.

The next time, Hikari went to TMII, he took everyone from his grandpa, grandma, Mama, Papap, and his uncles. This time, he went to the Bird Sanctuary:

Done with the birds, he headed to the... where else... Komodo Dragon Museum. This time he spent more time playing with the python. In fact, Hikari and the snake guard has became good friends.

And then, on Sunday, April 19, Hikari persuaded Papap to go to TMII again! This time, he promised he only visited 2 places: the Birds Sanctuary and the Komodo Dragon Museum (again!).

He spent more time in the Komodo Dragon Museum. Hmmm... the Komodo Dragon is still small.

And then, Hikari headed to his python. Without hesitating, he grabbed the snake and put it around his neck. Oh my God...

Was that the end of his trip to TMII?
Nope. The next day, he managed to persuade his grandma to take him to TMII again. Sigh.
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Festival Cikeas

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On Saturday, 28 March 2009, Hikari's school held a big event called Festival Cikeas. It was a kind of talent-show event. The event was attended by school students in Cibubur and around. The school was really really crowded on that day.

We arrived at the school a quarter before 8. The event would start at 8. But, when we wanted to turn right to enter the school's compound, the policemen didn't allow us to. They said the school was full and no car could get in. So, Hikari and Mama had to get off the car and Papap had to park the car a bit far from the school.

Hikari joined coloring competition that day. He had prepared his color pencils and all. He was very excited when he saw his friends joining the competition too.
While Hikari did coloring, Mama and Papap walked around and enjoyed the day. We strolled down the school area and observed some works done by the students.

The two pictures below are traditional games displayed in the school's compound. Papap wanted to try playing Engklek but then he had a second thought. Probably he didn't want to compete with other children.

After doing coloring for an hour and a half, Hikari joined Pak Fian and his Environment Police group. Pak Fian called Mama a day before to confirm Hikari's participation in becoming Environment Police Officer. Hikari told Mama how much he wanted to take part in the group. He couldn't wait to do his part.

Soon after he had done with the coloring competition, he joined the group, put on his uniform, and got ready to patrol the school area. The uniform has a lot of messages. One is Stop Global Warming, another is Save Water, and others. The patrol group also brought some signs. Hikari's sign was No Smoking! His friend also brought Do Not Litter.

The jobs of the groups were to clean the area (Hikari and his friends call it Operasi Semut or Ants Operation), to inform people not to litter, to inform people not to smoke, and to inform people to put the garbages in their place. Quite some jobs, don't you think?

Eagerly, Hikari and his friends started their duty. They walked in group and cleaned the area where they passed. It turned out the jobs were not as easy as they looked. So many people were not aware that they had to put the garbages in their place. After awhile, though, Hikari began to complain. He was tired and thirsty. Haha...

Below: Papap was examining the evolution of a butterfly. This sign is put under a tree where butterflies usually put their eggs. This sign is put in the school's garden so that students can learn even though they are not in the classroom.

We also went to see the students' book project. The students' work was compiled and then displayed. Hikari's class made a book about environment.
This piece below is written by Billy, Hikari's classmate. He was describing about his and his classmates' experience in an Outbound session:

This is the sample of the book by the another first grader class. It's called A Book about Complaining.
And what is inside the book? Look for yourself:

It was a tiring day, but we all had a lot of fun.
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