Nana-sai ni narimashita...

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The 20 of July this year, Hikari became 7 years old. A month before his birthday, he already planned on what he wanted his birthday party to be. He even had imagined his birthday cake. It was a Pokemon theme. Weeks before his birthday, he also made a list of gifts he was supposed to be given... Isn't he something?

At first, Mama and Papap only planned to celebrate Hikari's birthday at school like his request. However, this year's 20 of July was a holiday. So, Hikari had to celebrate his birthday on the 21. Knowing this, Eyang Uti (Hikari's grandma) decided to make another party at her house.

This year's birthday was really something. First, Hikari found a birthday shop at a mall which sold a Pokemon-theme-birthday cake. Because it was very expensive, Mama asked Mama Raihan to make the same cake. Besides, Mama Raihan's cake is really yummy. We have ordered cakes to Mama Raihan before. Then, a few days before the birthday, Mama Raihan told Mama that it was difficult to find the Pokemon's accessories. Oooooh, we then hurried up to the store at the mall to order. But, you know what? The store was vanished! It was not opened at that mall anymore! So, again, Mama asked Mama Raihan for the rescue. Thank God, Mama Raihan agreed to make two cakes: the Pokemon cake and the cheesecake for Hikari's teachers. And for the party at Eyang's house, Eyang Uti ordered a Spongebob cake from a nearby store. Fiuuuuh...

The birthday party at Eyang's house was really merry. Most of our relatives came. Eyang Uyut Akung (Hikari's great grandfather) came too. Hikari had a wonderful day on that day because his friends from the nearby houses also came. We all had fun except when Hikari cleaned his hands on his white shirt! It was a big problem because his hands were full of cakes.

The next day, on July 21st, Mama, Papap, Eyang Uti went to Hikari's house with the other birthday cake (the Pokemon, remember?) and some lunch boxes for Hikari's birthday party at school. The birthday cake made by Mama Raihan served its purpose well. Hikari's classmates couldn't keep their hands off the cake!

All and all, Hikari was really really excited about both parties. Especially for the party at school, he couldn't stop smiling about it. He was showered with gifts from his friends, that's why! Pak Catur and Bu Ayu, Hikari's teachers, gave him some wise words. His friends also mentioned their wishes about Hikari. Do you want to know what their wishes are?

Hikari, may you become a good boy blessed by Allah. And, may you always
remember to tidy up your things after you are done with them.
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