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Early this month, Hikari started joining Karate class at his school. Now, every Saturday morning Papap takes Hikari to his Karate practice. How did Hikari end up joining the class? It's a funny story, actually.

The Karate class was a new activity in Hikari's extracurricular activities. Last year, they didn't have it. When the school distributed the list of extracurricular activities for this year, the Karate class was in the list. Papap asked Hikari which activity he wanted to join. Hikari chose to join Science club. However, Papap and Mamam thought Hikari could use some sports. We encouraged him to join either Karate or soccer. Mamam preferred Hikari to join Karate because it would teach him to defend himself while burning his excessive energy. Papap actuallywanted Hikari to join soccer but Hikari refused because he felt lazy to run around the field... Mamam also thought Hikari would become dark if he joined soccer hahaha... Finally, Papap and Mamam asked Hikari to join Karate class. At first, he rejected the idea. Hikari said he didn't want anyone to kick him. It took awhile for him to accept the idea of joining Karate. But, one day after returning from school, he told Papap and Mamam that he would join the class because his close friends would all join the Karate class!

It has been a month since Hikari joined the class. In the first session, Hikari was often called by the instructor because he was playing around in class. The photos here were taken from the second session. What did Hikari say about the practice?
"It is tooooooooooo serious!"
Oh my!
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