Let's Go Fishing!

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Hikari has been nagging Mamam and Papap to go fishing ever since he got a fishing rod for his 8th Birthday's present 6 months ago. Unfortunately, Mamam and Papap hadn't got the time to take him to a nice fishing pool. To compensate for his enthusiasm for fishing, Hikari then has tried many times to fish in Eyang's fish pond using his big and long fishing rod! What happened was many of Eyang's fish died miserably because of Hikari.

Finally, on January 8, 2011, Papap took Hikari to Ancol. Actually Papap had an office gathering on that day. But Hikari insisted on bringing his fishing rod despite the rain and the wind.

Hikari was observing the surrounding:

Waiting for Papap to finish his job first:

Too windy:

Learning from the master:

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