Hikari the Green Belt Holder

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Hi, friends,
It's been more than a year since Hikari's last post about his Karate practice. In November 2009, Hikari just started to join The International Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Sacikeas Dojo. Right now, he is already a green belt holder.

It is not easy to get the green belt because Hikari always has excuses not to go to his Karate practice every Saturday morning. But Mamam and Papap are always persistent too to encourage Hikari to practice. Hikari then negotiated with Mamam and Papap. He said if he could jump 2 belts he would want to be given a prize. Can you guess what the prize is?

It's PSP 2!

Oh dear...
Well, this is a recap of what he has done in a year.

1) Exam preparation from white belt:

2) After the exam. Hikari got his first belt: yellow. Can you guess which one he is?

3) Finally, Hikari got his yellow belt. His first belt:

4) Hikari was demonstrating his skills to be able to continue from yellow to orange belt:

5) Hikari was now in orange belt level:

6) Now, Hikari holds a green belt after he successfully passed the exam in November 2010:

Hikari with his bestfriend, Abi.

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